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Posting for the love of the community etc etc.

This place isn't super lively, but I may as well introduce myself as (I think) the only New Zealand Menomena fan here. I first got into them late last year. I was rifling through the second-hand basement at one of Auckland's two good record stores, when my eye was caught by the greatest packaging I'd ever seen a CD come in. Obviously, it was "I Am The Fun Blame Monster" and for 6 bucks NZ (a full price cd's usually over thirty in our exotic/hyperinflated currency) I couldn't pass it up. Since I was throughly enthralled with the content, too, I found out all about them online (including this place) and drunkenly espoused their greatness to similarly indie-minded friends. And Dream Theater fans. I'm an undiscerning drunk like that.

Anyway, I'm resigned to the fact they're unlikely to play over here, but if I ever find myself in that part of the world, I'll make it a must to go catch their live show. In the meantime, I sometimes play them on my radio show (1am to 4am Mondays, which is probably the day everywhere else) on Auckland's 95bFm. We're here, and you can get a live stream, too!

Yes, it's a blatant plug.
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