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the show was last night: here's how it went down...


i got off work at about 8:45 and my boyfriend picked me up and we SPED to San Luis Obispo (we live about a 30-45min drive away in the hometown of the MJ trial) and ran into the venue just as the red lights (that not-so-good local band) were playing their set. luckily, they were the first band up. woo! the place was nearly empty though.

so we run in, blahbittyblah and after a while we hit up the merch table while those jerks are playing and lo and behold there are two guys from menomena. i didn't know their names or anything, but we all got to talking and i told them i was a "big fan" and was a member of an LJ community devoted to their sweet tunes (they know about their insane following now wooo!). so name swapping and rainbows - i had been chatting with Justin and Brent...

so on goes talkdemonic, whom you should all seriously check out, who rocked with their crazy crashing drum action and beautiful and melodic and sometimes evil violin. after their set i also talked to kevin, the drummer, a bit and he was very friendly and kept asking what michael jackson looks like in real life. (sorry- only seen him from afar!)

and on to menomena's set...

they were fucking awesome! since i haven't really paid attention to the names of the songs, i can't positively say what they opened with, but it was gorgeous. they sound a bit different life but no less amazing. loud-as-fuck drums, bodyrockin' bass... it was all so encompassing everywhere it is almost undescribable. one after the other, they just kept bustin' out the hits, yo. sorry, i'm a terribler writer, but you get the idea.

after a while, they stopped and the National started setting up and my bf and i were chillin' and Justin came up and sat and talked about their tour and i randomly asked if he would sign my jeans - these painted on, ripped oldass jeans - and so all the guys signed my ass! (i'll post pictures later - once i get takin' them and learnin how to post)

anyways - the national did their thang and i left after getting hugs&handshakes from the band. they were so awesome and friendly. i hope all y'all get a chance to meet them, but more importantly SEE THEM LIVE! they rocked the USA's socks.

new album out: "hopefully early next year" and next tour "probably september."

thanks for the vague responses, justin. (hahaha)

P.S. DANNY IS ABOUT EIGHT FEET TALL. IT IS FUCKING NUTS!! i went up to him (i'm five-oneish) and he, like, peered down at me as i craned my neck up. seriously giant.

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